Spiritual Cramp

Обложка альбома Spiritual Cramp.
  • Трек: Spiritual Cramp
  • Исполнитель (артист): Christian Death
  • Длительность 3:18
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp"

    ncurable disease on the day of rest
    Walking on water in a sea of incest
    I've got an image of Jesus
    embedded on my chest
    I can't leave home without my
    bullet proof vest
    Killing myself for the perfect honeymoon
    fighting with scorpions tied around my neck
    I hear the pitter patter
    of a killer on the loose
    children using their fingers instead of words
    crosses burn your temples
    on slaughter avenue
    It takes too much time to say 'I refuse'
    Time is digging graves for the chosen few
    Children dig graves for me and you
    Describe the illness I'll prescribe the cure
    start your two day life
    on a two day vacation
    I've got a spiritual cramp going for my ribs
    Those gangsters toting guns
    are shooting spikes through my wrist
    children using their fingers instead of words
    Fingers bury children under the boards
    I can die a thousand times
    But I will always be here
    with the power skull secrets
    of forgotten years
    the hangman's noose is trenched
    with bloodstains of tears
    my hands are the killer that confirms
    my tears
    Jesus won't you touch me
    come into my heart
    where the Hell are you
    when the fire starts?
    On a mission of the father
    to reduce the gates of hell
    the ivory bone eyed mother's flesh
    is starting to swell
    I'm setting twenty-two tables
    for the funeral feast
    Satan is by far the kindest beast

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